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Battle City

Use A, Z, S, X keys or [↑ → ↓ ←] to play. Enter - start/continue.
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  • Year of release: 1985
  • Platform: NES
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Number of players: 2
  • Language: English English
  • Battle City has a two-player mode and is one of the most popular games on NES.

    The player’s main task is to protect their base from enemy tanks. The number of attacking enemies in each round is fixed at 20 units. Players can proceed to the next level by destroying all enemy tanks and not allowing the enemy to blow up their base. Once the enemy is destroyed, the game is over. Players can switch to a new tank, modify an existing tank, and pick up special bonuses in the form of stars.

    The game has a total of seventy levels and enemy tanks become more advanced with each level. In addition to the modes of the game against the computer or in doubles, there is a map constructor that allows players to build their own battlefield, place the landscape on it and play.