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Ikari Warriors

  • Year of release: 1986
  • Platform: Dendy (NES)
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Number of players: 2
  • Language: English English
  • The Dendy game Ikari Warriors, or "Ikari Warriors", is a platform shooter developed in 1986 for the arcade machine, and later re-released on various platforms, including the NES. The game was originally released in the United States and Europe, but later in Japan as well, under the name "Ikari", which means "Anger, Fury" in Japanese.

    The game's story is a great one.

    The plot of the game Ikari Warriors is uncomplicated, but it's not surprising for a shooter. The main characters of the game are soldiers - Clark and Ralph, who must complete the task - to get to the village of Ikari. The way to the village lies through various locations, which are teeming with enemy soldiers and vehicles.

    Ikari Warriors' gameplay follows all the traditions of the genre, with a two-player mode, various weapons and military vehicles, and a camera view from above. Ikari Warriors is the first game in which the joystick worked not in four directions, but in eight, and the character can be rotated in a circle in any direction, rather than turning in any particular direction. Ikari Warriors was released at a time when there were many clones of the Commando game, and it was this joystick feature that set it apart from the rest.

    Dendy Emulator online - Ikari Warriors

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