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Action 52

Use A, Z, S, X keys or [↑ → ↓ ←] to play. Enter - start/continue.
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  • Year of release: 1991
  • Platform: NES
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Number of players: 2
  • Language: English English
  • The Action 52 NES games compilation is an unlicensed collection, it was released in 1991 and consists of 52 games of different genres. This compilation was released not only for the NES, but also for Sega, and by different companies.

    Although Action 52 consists of fifty-two games of different genres, the most common in it are shooters and platformers. Well, as the most popular game of the collection we can mention The Cheetahmen - it is an action game with leopard, that many players have come to like. The developers were going to release this game as a separate franchise, but it did not work out and it was included in this compilation.

    There really is a lot to play in Action 52, and most of the games feature multiplayer. You can switch the list of games with the joystick by pressing the "select" button. Here is the full list of games in Action 52:


        1. FireBreather
        2. Starevil
        3. Illuminator
        4. G-Force FGT
        5. OOZE
        6. Silver sword
        7. Critical BP
        8. Jupitr scope
        9. Alfredo
        10. Operation Moon
        11. Dam Busters
        12. Thrusters
        13. Haunted hill
        14. Chill out
        15. Sharks
        16. Megalonia
        17. French baker
        18. Atmos Quake
        19. Meong
        20. Space dreams
        21. Streemerz
        22. Spread fire
        23. Bublgum Rosy
        24. Micro Mike
        25. Underground
        26. Rocket Jock
        27. NON Human
        28. Cry baby
        29. Slashers
        30. Crazy shufle
        31. Fuzz power
        32. Shuting gal
        33. Lollipops
        34. Evil Empire
        35. Sombreros
        36. Storm over d.
        37. Mash man
        38. They came
        39. Lazer league
        40. Billy Bob
        41. City of doom
        42. Bits n Piece
        43. Beeps n Blip
        44. Manchester
        45. Boss
        46. Dedant
        47. Hambo
        48. TimeWarp
        49. Jigsaw
        50. Ninja asault
        51. Robbie robot
        52. Cheetah men

    In general, Action 52 has a game for everyone, with arcades, racing, action, and more. In addition, most of the games support two-player mode, so this compilation is recommended absolutely for all NES lovers.

    All action games will be available.