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  • Year of release: 1985
  • Platform: Dendy (NES)
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Number of players: 2
  • Language: English English
  • The Dendy game 1942 is a scrolling shooter with arcade elements, which set the beginning of the 19xx series of games. In addition to the NES, this game was also released on various other platforms, such as the Game Boy, Play Station, and Xbox.

    The plot of "1942" unfolds during the course of the game.

    The plot of the game "1942" is set during World War II, in the Pacific Ocean. The player will have to control an American heavy fighter, whose goal is to launch from an aircraft carrier in the ocean and get to the city of Tokie in Japan to destroy it. On the way across the ocean encountered a variety of military equipment of the enemy, from which you must constantly repel. As an improvement to the weapons of the enemy fall various bonuses, such as the effect of increasing the radius of fire of machine guns. In addition to machine guns, the player's plane is armed with a secret weapon in the form of lightning, as well as being able to go into a dive in which the enemies can not hit the fighter.

    As a whole game 1942 is not a bad shooter, especially considering that it was the very first in this series of games. Despite the monotony of the landscape, the game constantly keeps you engaged and entertained, and the doubles mode gives players a new experience.

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