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Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu

Use A, Z, S, X keys or [↑ → ↓ ←] to play. Enter - start/continue.
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  • Year of release: 1992
  • Platform: NES (Famicom)
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Number of players: 2
  • Language: English English
  • The NES game Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu is a platform action game released in 1992 in Japan. The game was later translated by fans into English and was called Riki Kunio.

    The game begins in a Japanese school, where a student named Kunio-kun, discovers a note near his locker telling him that he’s been invited to Tiger Doppelgangers, a martial arts tournament.

    Riki, Kunio’s rival, believes he is more deserving to be in the tournament and in a bid to find out who is the strongest and eligible to participate, Riki challenges Kunio-Kun and fourteen other fighters to a duel. Kunio-kun needs to defeat all opponents to enter the Tiger Doppelgangers tournament.

    The gameplay feature of Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu is the ability to create unique characters. Players can pick from a variety of appearances, skills, names, year of birth, and so on for their characters.

    Additionally, the location of think your tactics through to defeat your opponents. Battles are always fought in four-on-four mode, with one or two players taking over from the computer.

    Riki Kunio has a unique gameplay and supports for a 2-player mode.