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Felix the Cat

Use A, Z, S, X keys or [↑ → ↓ ←] to play. Enter - start/continue.
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  • Year of release: 1992
  • Platform: NES
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Number of players: 1
  • Language: English English
  • Felix the Cat is based on the cartoon of the same name and is a single-player platform arcade game.

    The plot of the game is that an evil professor has kidnapped Felix's sweetheart, named Kitty, in order to trade her for Felix's magic bag. Players must complete all levels to get to the evil one's lair and rescue Kitty.

    Felix the cat's main weapon is his magic bag, which can attack enemies and also transform into various vehicles. If you want to acquire more effective weapons, Felix the bag gains magical powers and its abilities increase.

    There are only nine levels in Felix the Cat, and they all represent different worlds, such as dry land, water, air, snowy terrain and space.