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  • Year of release: 1989
  • Platform: NES
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Number of players: 1
  • Language: English English
  • The DuckTales game for NES is a platform arcade game based on the popular Disney animated show of the same name, the first in a series. The game was originally released on the NES and later re-released on the Gameboy.

    The game is about the adventures of Scrooge McDuck, who together with his nephews and pilot Zigzag, travel around the world in search of various treasures and artifacts. Scrooge's traveling companions act as NPCs and help the main character with hints. Locations are divided into different corners of the planet and at the beginning of the game players can choose where they want to search for treasure.

    DuckTales immerses the player into a colorful and diverse world, with locations such as the Amazon, the Himalayas, Africa, Transylvania and even the moon! The gameplay is very pleasant, the controls are standard for arcade games, and are very clear and responsive.

    Scrooge uses his cane as a weapon against enemies. Aside from dealing with bad guys, players must navigate several mechanisms and avoid traps. Different characters from the animated series, such as the Gavs brothers, Magica De'Hypnosis and others, act as bosses.